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Cosmetic Color Charm (no power)*

Only $17.98 for 1 pair of 2 lenses!

Each lens for only $8.99!

These Contacts add charm to your natural eye color and give them a sparkle and shine. They will not change your natural eye color but will give them a beautiful pearlescent effect.

Moonlight" adds a silver shimmer. "Eden" provides a glimmer of green. "Autumn" gives eyes a bronzy shine, and "Sunrise" adds a sparkle of gold.

Note: Sunrise, Autumn lenses are recommended for people with Brown eyes.


Qty:   lens Qty:   lens
Qty:   lens Qty:   lens

*Non Rx = Non Prescription
* Colors shown are for reference only. Result may vary depending on original eye color.


More Types of Color Lenses:

I want the change to be natural

I have light eyes and just want to enhance my eye color

I want color contacts with Rx


Home | Corporate Info | How to Order | Worldwide Shipping | Contact Us | View Cart
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